Teachings, disciplines and practices

☼ Je désire offrir des enseignements en privé. Contactez moi : otrixs@hotmail.com

☼ I offer my services in all that I have managed to gain any form of success from, here detailed to my best of abilities:

  • Sungazing and meditation, daydreams and downtime. Natural processes, homeostasis.
  • Purification through the fasting process, providing support and enforcing willpower.
  • Intentionnal manifesting through the practice of prayers, rituals, invocations, oaths, decrees etc.
  • Conventional and occult sciences: (astrophysics, cosmology, exopolitics, hermeticism, heresy, faiths, psychedelism)

Voice of Freedom


Though these men and women have power over many, they should not be condemned.

They too, were born into an established system, conditioned into a certain way of thinking, and as far as they’re aware, they did and are doing their best, even under dire circumstances.

But now, it is time to let go of the 36th century and enter into a new interstellar vector towards a path of healing and new design.

Has come the time now for a full scale, mass-mobilized transition process directing us outside the actual failing economy.

We need to use all the resources we have left wisely to create a whole new system of operation that is multidimensional in scale.

This process needs to have the mobilization power comparable to humanity’s earlier major shifts, and perhaps even more.

It is time for us to journey into a new dream, a a new way of experiencing reality,  in through a new design and new fundamental principles.

It is time for us to end several millenniums of pain, unnecessary suffering and unconsciousness.

It is time to create resilient, sustainable and flourishing communities worldwide that hold the capacity to respond to any challenges they may face in their external environment, specifically to the coming age of change, climate disturbances and remaining instability.

It is time for us to dismantle the institutions that are imprisoning us.

It is time for us to unlearn what was taught, to remove the power structures and to decentralize this matrix’s grid so that communities can provide for their basic needs, produce their own food, their own energy, enforcing self-sustainability for hundreds of thousands of years to come.

And ultimately, it is time for us to become the true masters we are meant to become, true planetary mastery, in respect with nature, in balance with the emotional, cultural, spiritual and psychological well-being of all its inhabitants, all our relations.

To resume, it time for us to embrace a new consciousness that is emerging in the present, where by busting open the hearts and minds of our people, we will propel ourselves forward into a golden age of humanity that is imminently upon us.

We hold in one hand an unpredictable path that leads into a new paradigm and in the other, a predicable path that is leading our unique humanity to the rapid, inevitable decline of our civilization.

Allow me to quote a great thinker, StarCommander Ian Mathew Costantini:

– “It would be wise to avoid invoking past patterns in a presentation like this. I realize it is convenient to do so, since it leverages the programming we are all burdened with, but simple effectiveness is no measure of truth. We must take a step back and reassess”

(/PPR, excerpt from role-play, 27 December 2010)