Your future self is emerging with this massive shift in consciousness…

Judith Kusel

Your future self is now emerging as all of us are going through immense energy upgrades to prepare us for the New Life on planet earth as she has now ascended into the 5D.  What we believe to be the physical reality of life on planet earth, exists no more.

Some will try to cling onto the 3D with all they’ve got and in the process, will find that the more they cling, the more they will find that they are grasping thin air.

The truth is that a lot of us have been through the process of total disintegration in the last few years, and now are leading humanity home into the new World.  We had to lose everything, and find we could hold onto no-thing, and now have emerged in a much higher consciousness state than ever before.  We do not take life in the physical world so…

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Luminous Divine LIGHT ~ Beyond anything IMAGINABLE

The New Divine Humanity

The Levels of Light that shift and awaken ARE here as the overlay of Light of the New Earth. The New Divine Humanity.

The mind may attempt to reach and imagine what this would be like. Although unrecognizable in certain levels of Light Consciousness. When YOU enter this, you will know this as your Eternal Home.

The New Earth ~ The New Divine Humanity ~ a State of EXPANDED DIVINE Light ~ Beyond anything imaginable.

Brighter than a million Suns. A Central Sun ~ you illuminate and TRANSFORM everything.

The LOVE is so powerfully tangible ~ and remembered. Felt, known.

Like the deepest wells…suddenly filled to overflowing..forever.

No words can describe this Welcoming HOME and GLORY of the Divine Ascended BEING. The New Divine Human and Template.

All Encompassing LOVE that is the Beauty of the Divine Being.

So celebrated ~ So BEATIFIC in its Presence.


ALL felt…

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As One … June 2017

French below

I can’t help to notice these days many the synchronistic ways in which mindful awareness is making itself useful into daily things.

For example, my front door neighbour’s family is expecting a 3rd child. Times are strenuous for everyone and often the “3D beta awareness”  of an economics situation will step over common sense about what it means to birth life, to provide a lifespan opportunity for a soul etc.

I have often seen, even personally experienced how, in those decisive moments of our adult life, limited thinking impairs the “perfect ideal environment” which is required, not only wished for, for the optimum upbringing of our younglings.

Soit happened that I had that middle-of-the-street talk of inspiration with the front-door lady when she announced me the news, one evening when walking her dog.

Everything of what I had to share about the event, the joy, the amazement, the thrill and how I was happy for them contrasted sharply with what she had to convey in regards to how her companion was having a “mayhem in the house” of worry & stress relating to the addition of a 3rd mouth at the table.

Nonetheless, awareness made its way through when her oldest daughter (9) joined the assembly. The precious light in her child’s eyes prompted and allowed me to plainly say out loud “this is great but you understand mommy is going to need harmony in the house from now on, eh? you all know she’s carrying life right?” The knowledge-in-the-heart stares I got back we priceless.

I write this small piece today to underline the fact that is was only the intent I carry to hold an example of peace at all times that enabled to unlock a perceived then admitted stressful situation, both in thoughts and practicality, and that also co-created an inspirational talk between strangers existing in totally different and contrasting realities / situations.

Focus on life, support what seems a stranger.

So much love in our eyes when we look at each other peacefully.






Je ne peux pas m’empêcher de remarquer ce temps-ci de quelle façon synchrone la pleine conscience se rend utile dans les petites choses du quotidien.

Par exemple, la famille de mon voisin d’en face attend un 3ème enfant. Les temps sont intenses pour tous et souvent la conscience “bêta 3D” d’une situation économique vas prendre le dessus sur le gros bon sens sur ce que cela signifie de donner la vie, de fournir une opportunité de vie à une âme, etc.

J’ai souvent vu, et en ai même personnellement fait l’expérience, dans ces moments décisifs de notre vie adulte, comment une pensée limitée empêche l’environnement “idéal parfait” qui est nécessaire, non seulement souhaité, pour l’éducation optimale de nos enfants.

Alors il s’est produit que j’ai eu cette inspirante discussion en plein milieu de rue avec la dame quand elle m’a annoncé les nouvelles, un soir, en promenant son chien.

Tout ce que j’ai eu à partager sur l’événement, la joie, l’étonnement, le frisson et la façon dont j’étais heureux pour eux, contrastaient fortement avec ce qu’elle avait à me transmettre en ce qui concerne la façon dont son compagnon menait un “enfer dans la maison” d’inquiétude et de stress reliés à l’ajout d’une 3ème bouche à nourrir.

Néanmoins, la conscience fit son chemin lorsque sa fille aînée (9) rejoint l’assemblée. La lumière précieuse dans les yeux de son enfant m’a poussé à dire clairement à haute voix: “C’est génial, mais tu comprend que ta maman va avoir besoin d’harmonie dans la maison à partir de maintenant, hein? Vous savez qu’elle porte la vie en dedans? ” Les regards de ce savoir “coronal” que j’ai reçu sont inquantifiables.

J’écris ce petit morceau aujourd’hui pour souligner le fait que c’est seulement l’intention que je transporte avec moi de garder un exemple de paix en tout temps qui a permis de débloquer une situation stressante d’abord perçue, ensuite admise, tant dans les pensées que dans la pratique, et qui a aussi co-créé une discussion inspirante entre des inconnus existant dans des réalités / situations contrastées et totalement différentes.

Concentrez-vous sur la vie, soutenez ce qui semble étranger.

Tant d’amour dans nos yeux quand on se regarde paisiblement.



Cathars, the Holy Grail, the lapis ex coelis (Cintamani Stone) and the 144,000

GFL Discussing Imminent Disclosure

‘After 700 Years, the laurel will blossom again on the ashes of the martyrs!’  The prophecy has become real! This is the work of Antoine Gadal born 1877 and the truth of the Cathars, the Holy Grail and the lapis ex coelis, the Cinti Mani stone.

Gadal had to recognize how much the original concepts of Christianity, founded on purity, love, the rebirth of the soul, sanctification and the Spirit, had been slowly perverted, adapted to the desire for power of the Church and conformed to the world.

Thanks to priests, and even to bishops who were willing to help him, Gadal had the records of the Inquisition in the Sabarthes wide open to him. On the other hand, his work aroused a real interest in German and Anglo-Saxon practices like the occult and theosophy to search for a material Holy Grail. Gadal knew, however, that the secret of…

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We are in an Inter Dimensional Light Ship ~ Receive the Higher Frequencies

The New Divine Humanity

Powerfully the Higher Dimensions of consciousness are merging within your DNA.

The Frequency surge appears as a dismantling of the process to which you assembled your thoughts.

The thoughts now occur throughout many dimensions at once as waves of Light, translated into a meaning through which you alone decipher, throughout the different dimensions.

These energy shifts and jolts are electrical in nature. This charges powerfully your DNA. That you function through as your Blueprint.

The streaming of the dimensions has always occurred. You are now being hooked up and notice shifts here, within your every day reality.

This merging and streaming is allowing the dimensions to merge, or parallel worlds, which word you use that translates this meaning to you.

We are in an Inter Dimensional Light Ship to which some of you have met. WE have a deep connection with this Earth, we are the Overseers. We are part…

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