Patrick René is originally from Beauport, suburban Québec City.

Leaving private school establishment for the public one, he found himself part of the workforce at age 16. A strong career in automobile-truck-heavy machinery mechanics was joined with a strong interest for cosmology, astrophysics and gnostic teachings.

A difficult life path brought its share of realizations, physical and material as well as social and spiritual. Dedication to define the devotion towards detachment over many years strengthens the purpose and allows to be of service to others.

Understanding too well what’s at stake in our actual society, it is with determination that he offered himself to coordinate Québec’s UBUNTU movement, being strongly invested in many collective awakening endeavors like Amnesty International, Students for a Free Tibet, AVAAZ, SumofUs, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, New Earth Nation to name a few.

Called to share all that he has learned, he’s available to anyone, when need be, just about anytime :


Patrick René est originaire de Beauport, en banlieue de Québec.
Délaissant l’établissement d’enseignement privé pour le public, il se retrouvera sur le marché du travail des l’âge de 16 ans. Une solide carrière en mécanique auto-camion-machinerie fût accompagnée d’un intérêt prononcé pour la cosmologie, l’astrophysique et les écrits gnostiques.

Un difficile parcours de vie apporta son lot de réalisations, autant physiques et matérielles que sociales et spirituelles. Dédié à définir la dévotion envers le détachement au fil de plusieurs années affirme l’intention et permet d’être de service à autrui.

Comprenant trop bien les enjeux actuels de notre société, c’est avec détermination qu’il s’est offert pour assurer la coordination du mouvement UBUNTU du Québec, étant fortement investi dans plusieurs initiatives d’éveil collectif, notamment Amnistie Internationale, Students for a Free Tibet, AVAAZ, SumofUs, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, New Earth Nation pour en nommer quelque uns.

Appelé à partager toutes les connaissances acquises, il est disponible pour quiconque, au besoin, presque n’importe quand :


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  1. Aspirants have to learn the nature of the will by the power of inner illumination and by certain intelligent recognitions. They learn the nature of the self through the aid of the personality, the shadow or distortion of the divine will. They pass from the expression of the will which is purely selfish, self-sufficient and self-focused, to the grasp of the group will and to the effort to embody that group will. This group will is always concerned with that which is not the will of the separated self.
    As this ability to be selflessly decentralized grows and develops, the aspirant reaches a point where the group life and the group good is seen as an integral part of a much greater Whole. This greater Whole is Being Itself, divorced from form but ever working through form whilst in manifestation, and working with planned purpose. The realization then grows that intelligence and love are not enough, but that they must be supplemented and implemented by will, which is active intelligent purpose, lovingly applied.
    The difficulty of this subject is inherent in the fact that basically (no matter how strange this may seem) love is the line of least resistance for the developed human being. It is the governing principle of the present solar system. Will is the governing principle of the next or coming solar system, which will be brought into manifestation through the agency of those human beings who – in this solar system – arrive at the full expression of the will aspect. Then, in the coming consummating manifestation, love will be to the will aspect what intelligence is, in this solar system, to love.
    ~ The Rays and the Initiations

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