Cathars, the Holy Grail, the lapis ex coelis (Cintamani Stone) and the 144,000

GFL Discussing Imminent Disclosure

‘After 700 Years, the laurel will blossom again on the ashes of the martyrs!’  The prophecy has become real! This is the work of Antoine Gadal born 1877 and the truth of the Cathars, the Holy Grail and the lapis ex coelis, the Cinti Mani stone.

Gadal had to recognize how much the original concepts of Christianity, founded on purity, love, the rebirth of the soul, sanctification and the Spirit, had been slowly perverted, adapted to the desire for power of the Church and conformed to the world.

Thanks to priests, and even to bishops who were willing to help him, Gadal had the records of the Inquisition in the Sabarthes wide open to him. On the other hand, his work aroused a real interest in German and Anglo-Saxon practices like the occult and theosophy to search for a material Holy Grail. Gadal knew, however, that the secret of…

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